Simplifying the Steps of Change

4 Key Steps Toward Real Life Change

Do you know what the secret is to experiencing real life change?

Oh, yes, there’s a secret. It’s not a magic pill. It’s not some big expensive program or eCourse you need to invest into. Nor is it something that you should hire someone to accomplish for you, although that would be ideal. It’s not even something that you can demand of God, although submitting to Him will make the process a whole lot easier.

The secret to real life change begins with the “ah-ha.”

What’s an “ah-ha”?

There are no limits on what God can do!


As I learned through my life coaching training, and have come to see in my own life along with working with clients, the secret to real life change happens when we reach the magical “ah-ha” moment. It’s in that moment when we discover the heart of the issue and our part in it, with a desire to own the next steps. That’s because most of what we perceive as a dead-end, stuck-in-a-rut reality is not as hopeless at we think it is. We can change our approach. We can embrace a new mindset.

So is it time for you to take the first four steps toward real life change?

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