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I bet you’re looking for the most update to date content, as you’ve found your way to the blog. But here at, I like to take a non-traditional approach to communicating with you and balancing my life.

As you might know, I’m what we call in the Highlands Ability Battery, a Generalist, which means I will always have a number of plates filling up my life (like being a life coach, ministry leader, writer, mom, and wife), and yet, my Specialist tendencies mean I like to go deep on certain areas from time-to-time.

How does this translate into real life?

Well, I can only manage one blog at a time, as I want my writing to be authentic and content to be quality, so presently, you’ll find all my writing at my other website, More to Be.

However, I know that not everything at More to Be may pertain to what you’re looking for, based on the fact that you’re here. So all you need to do is sign up using this handy little form, and I will send you only what I think is relevant to you as a women pursuing a fresh encounter with  God.

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Of course, you can definitely check out the years worth of content on The Blog here at, which existed before I came to realize that less is often more. Some of the most popular content is found under “Resources.” Check out these top posts and resources:

If you’d like help figuring out how to customize balance for your life, feel free to drop me a line to talk about life coaching and the Highlands. You might also want to swing by my business website, The Kaleo Agency.


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