On Being a Message Bearer {for my writing, speaking, ministry leading friends}

Message Bearer Manifesto for Writers, Speakers, and Ministry Leaders

Wouldn’t you agree that being a message bearer is no easy thing? It’s a responsibility and calling. It’s a burden and privilege. It is full of blessing and too many trials. But have you considered how it’s been this way since the very beginning? Oh yes, since the days when Jesus’ followers first step forth to bring the Good News forth to listening ears and longing hearts, being a message bearer meant saying yes to rejections and trials and uncertain futures. All we have to do is look deeper into Paul’s letters to find the tension points. I suppose we can […]

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Waiting. Watching. Doing His Thing.

Wait and watch, because God is still working!

I had a dear friend once say to me “God’s going to do in you what He’s going to do in you and it isn’t going to look like what He is doing in someone else.” Yes, she is a wise soul, and a keeper of a friend. At the time, I didn’t want to hear it. I was wrapped up in the stronghold of jealousy, wanting someone else’s ministry and career success. But the Holy Spirit got through to my heart and convicted me to repent of my sin. It was in the letting go of someone else’s dream, that […]

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Bullet Journaling for the “Big Idea” Girl

Bullet Journaling for the Big Idea Girl

The first time I heard about Bullet Journaling, I thought my friend must have been referring to a list of bulleted items in her journal — like what I do in my prayer journal when I am short on time or too tired to write everything down. However, there was something about the way she referenced her tasks that made me wonder if there was something more to bullet journaling. Well, my gut instinct was right! Bullet Journaling is a method designed to meld together a task list, calendar planning, goal setting, and reflection the old fashioned way — with […]

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Change is a Process Built from a Partnership with God

Real Life Change is a Process

Do you feel like your on your own when it comes to life change? Are you stuck feeling “as is,” hopelessly trapped by your circumstances or past failures? Friend, I have good news for you. While you might not be able to change your circumstances and can’t undue your past, you can press forward knowing that the change you crave isn’t up to you alone. Real life change is a process built on a partnership with God. #theNEWyou Click To Tweet I can hear your objections, however. Maybe you feel like you’ve already pursued that partnership and it feels like […]

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The Red Thread Club: When Anger is a Part of Your Story

When Anger is the Red Thread in Your Story

  No one ever wants to admit that they have the red thread of anger running through their story. It’s a confession that comes with a crimson shade of embarrassment, guilt, confusion, and frustration. That red thread is like the one embedded on a package, designed to release the contents with one pull — except for those of us battling anger, we pray that thread won’t ever be snagged. If only we could prevent the external pressures and triggers, whether it’s a spilled glass of milk, an interruption in the schedule, or a combative loved one. We can’t control the […]

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How to Embrace Life Change

Embrace Life Change

  Are you in the midst of a life change that you never expected to come your way? Or do you find yourself in the aftermath of life being turned upside down? Maybe you sense it’s time to embrace life change from the inside out, because it’s not about your circumstances as much as it’s about your countenance. Friend, no matter what season of change you find yourself in today, you’re not alone.  God is there, waiting in your midst and able to carry you through every step. And, as your sisters in Christ who’ve walked through all sorts of […]

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