What if you only have 15 minutes?

30/15 Time Finder

Do you struggle with feeling like you can’t ever conquer your “to-do” list? Does it feel like time slips by without ever getting anything really done? As you look around your office or home, are you overwhelmed by the stacks and stuck behind the piles? Wouldn’t it be nice to get the family involved in caring for your home, but you don’t want to give up hours on a Saturday straightening up the mess? Well if you can find 15 minutes in a day, I can help you discover how to make habit changes that will stick over the long […]

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How to Cultivate Healthy Relationships

The Matter of Boundaries

When I tackled the topic of how to eliminate and concentrate “the stuff” that consumes our spaces, I had a feeling that someone might ask how to do the same within our relationships. Well, that sense became a reality with a wonderful reader question: How we can apply the eliminate and concentrate principle to relationships in a healthy way? Is it really possible to eliminate the unhealthy relationships dominating our lives? Can we concentrate our time and emotional investment on relationships that are life giving? Yes. And no. Speaking from the perspective of a life coach as well as one […]

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Why It’s Difficult for Women to Believe They are Loved (giveaway)

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 5.35.19 PM

I’m thrilled to share with you today an encouraging word from Emily T. Wierenga as she celebrates the launch of her latest book, Atlas Girl. Kasher was looking at my elbows. “What these?” my two year old said. “They’re elbows,” I told him. “Oh.” He touched them gently. “I love your elbows.” My eyes got wet and I kissed his cheeks and he ran off to play with cars. And even as I rose, all 33 years of me, and began to go about my day I recalled a childhood of starving away my curves, hungry for the kind of […]

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{Podcast} Overcoming Comparison

How to Overcome Comparison

  Do you struggle with comparison? Does it keep you from stepping out in life and experiencing the fullness God promises? Is the comparison tape running through your head causing you to fall into condemnation each and every day? Well, my friend, you’re not alone. Comparison is a monstrous thief crouching around in our secret thoughts, building road blocks and pitfalls in our lives. Instead of looking up, focusing on seeking God and serving Him with our whole heart, we spend too much time looking left and right at our friends, moms, sisters, co-workers, colleagues, and neighbors. We’re frozen in […]

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Learning How to Eliminate and Concentrate

Eliminate & Concentrate

I walked into my bedroom with only one thought in mind: How fast can I get under the covers and get on with sleep? But before I could dive in, I’d have to find the covers. That meant clearing the disaster left behind earlier that day. Yes, I confess, I’m guilty of leaving behind a pile-up of clothing strewn across my bed, usually when I am running late for a appointment and changed my clothes more than a half dozen times in search of the right outfit. Does the right outfit even exist? On some mornings, it’s about my soul […]

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Exhale: By Saying Yes to Less


It’s summer time and should be the season in which we can exhale, right?  But for a girl like me who likes freedom within routine, our summer comings and goings have the potential to be more overwhelming than relaxing. Except. I’m learning how to exhale. To breathe. To give God space to move in my life and to accomplish His purposes. It means saying yes to less and no to more. And that comes by seemingly insignificant shifts in my schedule and less black-and-white decision making to allow for margin room that creates space exhale deep and long. So I […]

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