Overcoming Perfectionism: Chatting with Sarah Bagley

Is perfection something you struggle with? Do you fear failing more than you crave experiencing joy in the journey?   Sarah Bagley and I have quite the rich conversation about how to overcoming perfectionism and move past fear of failing, or falling . . . as I share about my daughter’s first spill in horseback riding! But that’s not all we chat about. We consider what it looks like to mentor the next generation (my heart, as you know) as well as the process that happened behind the scenes in how Meet the New You came to be. Click on over to […]

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What Happens When We Wait

God accomplishes much in the waiting!

Impatient may very well be my middle name. When I get an idea in my head, I move on it. When I have an opinion, I speak it. When I conceive of a way things can be improved, I go right to work on the major components to bring about change. While this passion and vision may be strengths of my personality, they can also become the source of chaos and conflict. When we don’t take time to wait on the Lord for His leading, we risk living with much regret. Click To Tweet This is a lesson I’ve learned […]

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{Podcast} Don’t Settle for “As Is”

Don't Settle for "As Is"

Can I say I just love being able to talk with other women who are willing to get real about being in progress? All you have to do is listen to a few of Heather MacFadyen’s podcasts or read her blog and you’ll know, she’s real about being real. Don’t you think it’s refreshing to accept our limitations while not resigning to be “as is”?… Click To Tweet God is not about the business of creating us fearfully and wonderfully, only to ditch us at the point of conception. His work that began long before we saw it, knew it, […]

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42 in 42: Lessons I’ve Learned in the Land of the Living

Psalm 27:13

  It’s funny how I always dreamed of being grown up but never dreamed of life after 40. Isn’t that funny? What was the magic pièce de résistance of adulthood for me? Maybe 35 and holding?     Well, I’m grateful that the Lord has seen it fit to live this long! The lessons I’ve learned and experienced in the last five years alone have drawn me closer to Him and into a deeper appreciation of what it means to see the goodness of God in the land of the living. So, on this birthday of mine, it seems only […]

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Healing Brings Hope

God's Healing Hope

Today, September 1st, officially marks a brand new routine for me, as I kissed the kiddos goodbye and watched them drive off with their daddy to their brand new school. It’s up to me to get breakfast on the table before they stumble out the door and prep for dinner, as the 6 o’clock bell isn’t going to summons us up to the dining all anymore. Nor can I take a break from my work and saunter up to lunch to get my social fix. It’s me, myself, and I . . . and the dog . . . every day […]

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What to Do with Empty

When You're Empty

It feels like there is nothing left in me to give. Have you ever spoken those words out loud or whispered them to God in desperation? You’re not alone. I know what it feels like to be empty. And I’m learning what steps to take to be filled up again. Come join me at The Better Mom as I share the lessons I’m learning in the trenches of life. *** If this is your first time visiting, welcome! We’re so glad to have you here! Be sure to join our tribe by subscribing to our email list. We love to […]

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