#Focus52 Wrap Up


Wasn’t it just yesterday I set out with a plan to capture a God-aware life through capturing freezable moments in photos? Oh right, that was 52 weeks ago, not 24 hours ago. It’s cliche, but time does fly. While we’re busy living, each minute marks a passing breath. Each moment filled with blessings often unnoticed. Each second so easily stolen by a worry instead of being treasured. If we don’t choice to embrace the moment, we’ll miss it  . . . especially the sweet ones. The ugly ones demand our attention. The beautiful ones are prey to the enemy, and […]

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The Simplest Health & Fitness Challenge {Free Download}

The Simplest Health and Fitness Challenge

I’ve been “on the move” since my mom put on my first pair of tap shoes when I was only three years old. How I loved the sound of clip-clap on the hardwood floors and dreamed of one day making my tapping debut as a Rockette. But alas, I never graced the stage, as my dream was dashed by a series of knee injuries, yet the desire to stay in motion never did leave my soul. As my dancing days ending, I turned to “non-impact, inline sports” like walking, swimming, and aerobics, but even with caution as my guide, I […]

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Is it time for real life change?

Real Life, Real Change Life Evaluation Tool

Do you mind if I ask you question? Don’t worry, it won’t start with “why . . .” as I learned in my life coach training, a “why” question always puts a person on a the defensive. Isn’t that the truth! That’s because a “why” requests an explanation, which we often don’t have, and are looking for ourselves. So let me ask you a different question: How can I help you best? Now you might be hoping I’d answer that question for you, right? Well, see, I believe you have the ability to find the answer — especially as you […]

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Merry Christmas

May this Christmas be a time when you embrace the hope of the Holy One coming to us in flesh and the promise of an eternal peace that transcends every and any blessing we have on this earth. May you know the hope to which you are called to be bearer of this Good News and the grace-filled, spirit-led equipping of the One who calls you His own. Merry Christmas, friend. Abiding in Him, Lisa

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{BOGO Sale} How to Start the Year Equipped and Thriving

Start of 2015 with refreshed purpose and a plan to thrive!

  The first time I created a life map, I was in the throws of chasing after toddling around twins, while also desperately wanting to move onto the next stage in my life. It was clear that diaper-duty and folding laundry were going to be a dominate consumer of my time, and yet there was this burning desire for more. I’d been writing steadily on my first blog, which is now resting peacefully in the blogosphere graveyard, and tasting a direction for my future that finally made sense. I wanted women to discover how the truths of Scripture were true […]

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Abide: A 10-Day Journey to Help You Thrive in Your Faith

Abide: Because It's the Secret to Thriving

I’ve been walking this road of faith for more than 20 years, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I know what life is like without Jesus. It’s wearisome because it’s without perspective. The difficulties of life heap upon you and there’s simply nothing to do with them. The joys of life feel like stars aligning in the universe, with the constant fear that your luck will run out soon enough. When I first became a Christian, I thought all my troubles would disappear instantly. I figured if I followed all of God’s rules, He’d be happy with me […]

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