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Restart Planner

The Restart Planner is a tool that will enable you to draw you closer to the Lord and live purposefully for Him every day—transformed by Jesus Christ and made new by His grace with that restart hope built into everything you do. It coincides with the content you’ll find in Meet the New You, as it’s designed to help you carry out fresh attitudes and focused habits throughout the year. This is what you’ll find inside:

Starting Point Guide

step-by-step guide for developing a devotional time with God and growing deep with Him through time in the Word

Prayers & Stones

a space for recording your important conversations with God and any answers to prayer as well as important dates or sequences of events that you may want to remember in the future.

Life Mapping Worksheet

designed to help you take stock of the various people and responsibilities in your life

Time Evaluation Worksheet

created for you do a regular evaluation on how you’re spending your time

Mission & Vision

a space for recording your personal mission statement along with your vision for this season of your life


a place for recording short-term and long-term goals

Fresh Attitudes & Focused Habits Month-by-Month Themes

created to help you think intentionally about the attitudes and habits you want to embrace each month and coordinate with the principles found in Meet the New You . . . you may also want to subscribe to the Fresh & Focused monthly newsletter for encouragement and accountability.

Blank Monthly Calendar

a month-at-a-glance calendar page without dates so that you can begin using this planner at any time

Blank Week-at-a-Glance Calendar

a week-at-glance undated calendar enabling you to set daily priority tasks

Blank Daily Calendar with Task List

a daily calendar with room for appointments, a large task space, plus priority reminders . . . plus an additional printable half-sheet that fits perfectly on a small clipboard 

Blank Priority Task List

a place to keep track of your tasks and assign priority numbers as well as due dates

Restart Planner Proof

Yes, you can either print the whole bundle of goodies or pick and choose the pages that fit your needs and meet your lifestyle.

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